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Hair Vitamins are the most integral 

part of healthy hair!

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 Hair Nutrition Vitamins

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Hair Nutrition Vitamins and Shampoo!


Since most hair care strips and does not nourish. We have developed products that rejuvenate and protect hair with needed proteins, vitamins and oils to rebuild structure daily!. Our Products work at the root of the hair!  


Hair Nutrition Vitamins are out top selling solution to hair that is not healthy or not growing properly.. Now only $18.95 per bottle!


All hair grows from the root yet most products do nothing to nourish the root of the hair.  Hair Nutrition oral vitamins do as well as our shampoos and conditioners.


Hairstyles, heat styling, color and lack 

of nutrition can harm your hair and growth

 unless you Replenish and Rejuvenate that is why prominox is the

 Hair Vitamins from HairNutrition for healthy hairstyles


      shampoo fo rhair hair and scalp bumps. scalp psoriasis and redness

  We offer products for all

ethnic cultures including






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  • Shampoos that add oil!

  • Vitamins in the shampoos

  • Protein building shampoo

  • Hair Sprays that don't dry

  • Gels without alcohol

  • All products are great smelling 

  • and many are award winning!


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Hair Nutrition

hair vitamins for growth and healthy hairstyles 

Hair Energizer Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair Nutrition Vitamins 1 month



Our best selling  hair care product. You can find other vitamins in stores that claim to be hair vitamins but none offer the complete nutrients that are found in Hair Nutrition Vitamins. This is the first all natural vitamin with a complete source of everything that hair need to be its optimal and grows its healthiest.

Whether your hair is not growing properly or if it has been depleted from coloring, highlighting and other chemical processes such as relaxing, Hair Nutrition rejuvenates hair growth by feeding your hair all the natural amino acids, minerals and vitamins. All of these are found in easy to swallow pill that is taken two times a day. Grow your hair out for a wedding or use it to prevent breaking or thinning. It works for all of the above.



8 oz bottle


- Build up on the hair and root is inevitable over time. Every man and women will get build up and it will contribute to old hair. This means clogged follicles resulting in frizzy hair, slow thinning, weaker hair and even split ends because hair becomes more brittle. Very few hair products will remove this. Folli-cleanse shampoo uses a blend of botanicals to deep cleanse the root of the hair. Oily hair should use this shampoo everyday. To remove build up Folli-cleanse should be used as a pre-shampoo for 4 days straight. Use regular shampoos after using folli-cleanse.



Faster growing hair kit

Faster growing hair Kit



Grow your hair out or help repair slow growing hair. For the ultimate in hair growth we suggest Vitamin shampoo, Silk Protein Conditioner and our best selling Hair Energizer Vitamins. Hair care at its best with shampoos and products that don't leave heavy residue while feeding the root of the hair with much needed proteins!  Only $29.95 for the entire kit! 












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